Educational support for school & non-school going children

Year after year our Non formal Education Project has touched and transformed the lives of thousands of underprivileged children . A small walk from the nearby bastis’ brings them to our Education Centers providing them with a unique environment to reach out and achieve their dreams. Both school and non-school going children and drop outs are provided with non-formal education, teaching them basic hindi, english & maths. Focus is to integrate these children into mainstream education and improve school retention levels To make the process of learning joyful and fun, dance, drama, art & craft workshops are made an integral part of the syllabus and monthly activity plan. 5000 children have benefitted from this program whereas 300 children are brought under this program annually. School drop outs above 15 years of age are motivated to enroll for NIOS for completing their high school education In addition deserving children are also given financial scholarships for books, bags, uniform etc.. Financial support is also provided to cover the college fees of deserving students.

Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy classes are held for women of all ages from 17 years to 75 year olds. Women are taught basic reading & writing skills. . This is an important tool for empowering women and increasing their self-worth. Over 200 women were enrolled in these classes and were evaluated and provided certification their reading as per prescribed literacy levels of NIOS.

Dance & Drama

To make the process of learning fun, elements of dance and drama are interwoven into the curriculum. Dance being an important medium of expression helps in the holistic personality development of the children. The children respond very well to music and rhythm. Our talented children have performed on a number of forums and have been well appreciated for their talents. To create awareness among children about social evils the medium of drama or the forum of nukkad natak is adopted to create awareness. The children often write their own stories and dialogues and deliver powerful messages through the nukkad nataks.Whether it is the story of a young girl struggling to convince her parents to send her to school or the evil of juvenile smoking the children tell diverse stories.

Art & Craft

Art & craft is a regular feature of our non-formal education program.
Children not only learn to express themselves through colors but also learn to convert waste into attractive products. Painting Competitions are organized on all national days and festivals and the children participate with a lot of enthusiasm.

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